January update

Hi all!

As many of you know, I am currently training for the London Marathon 2016. I have gained a charity spot for The Royal Marsden who treated my Mum before she died and now I need to raise a minimum of £2000. If you could spare a pound or two it would be greatly appreciated please!



I have decided that for every £1 sponsorship I get from each Instagram follower, it will count as 1 entry into my next giveaway. I will buy a £20 giftcard of your choice and choose a winner closer to the date. Simply donate and post your Instagram username and I will enter you into the draw.

Good luck! xx


On a completely different note, I have recently gained an influx of followers recently and I am so chuffed. It is because of all of you that I have managed to lose all the weight in the past and now stayed on plan now for 2+ weeks! The Christmas gain is nearly off and new week I hope to take my 1/2 stone award back (2.5stone loss total).

Maybe soon I will even get to target!


I am struggling to think of blog ideas, so if you have any ideas that I could do for my next one please comment below or on Insta!


Thanks for all your support,

Louise x


New year same old me..ish!

I nearly started this blog with this new year new me stuff, but I realised I’m quite content with who I am. My heads back in the SW game, I’m happy with my boyfriend and family and im doing well in my teaching course. Only thing now is to work on getting back to my lowest weight of 11stone3lbs!


And start training properly for the London Marathon!

I am going to start trying to be consistent with this blog because I did enjoy writing it before!  I would love to inspire you all aswell, so I will be posting my favourite recipes and hopefully sampling and reviewing different products!

The support I’ve had from many of you over the past 2 years has been amazing! This week I’ve been trying to boost my Instagram audience and suddenly have had an influx of followers! I never expected to many of you to start following! As you’ve probably seen I have decided to do my first giveaway to celebrate and thank you all for your support!! 😘😘


I’m struggling to come up with a focus for my next blog, so if you have any ideas please let me know!

Love Louise xx


Hi all,

I haven’t been very good at keeping up with this blogging! October was a busy month with my birthday celebrations, half term and halloween nights out!

birthdaycake halloween

October wasn’t a good month for slimming world. It started off well with me losing 5lbs before my birthday on the 15th October; but since then I have struggled to get back into the swing of the plan. My meals have been on plan but I have had to get my snacking under control. On Wednesday my feelings changed, I won my group’s Miss Slinky 2014 and felt ashamed that I had won this award after having maintained and gained for the last 3 weeks. I knew that this was when I had to sort my eating out and stop throwing my money away (attending group but not losing any weight).

Since weigh in I have focused on trying to be proud of the progress that I have made since starting Slimming World on the 15th January 2014. It is coming upto the 11month mark, but had hoped when I joined that I would be at target by September. I have really struggled to shift this final 1/2 stone, and have tried to transform the negative feelings I had last week, to positive ones this week. I have done this by focusing on a few main things:

  1. I have been determined to cook some different meals (both lunches and dinners) which are slimming world friendly to try and get excited about cooking and eating slimming world food again. These were my favourite meals this week!stew teriyaki sou0p pasta
  2. I have decided to keep reminding myself on how far I have come in just 11 months. I have done this by looking at my before and after pictures, and by sticking all of my Slimming World awards up on my wardrobe. I have done this to keep reminding myself every morning when I get dressed why I am trying to lose weight.wardrobecomparison2
  3. I have been trying to make time to exercise more this week. Recently, exercise has taken a back seat in my life due to working 2 jobs and having to fend for myself as I moved out of my family home. This week I have been on walks and a much longer run than I have done before (8.4 miles!!)

So overall, November is looking to be a good month for me! The only blips I know of which could affect me are my Dad’s birthday celebrations! I have set myself a few goals!

  • Lose atleast 5lbs
  • Keep making sensible food choices
  • Do more exercise
  • Keep trying new recipes

Hopefully I can achieve these goals and get myself closer to target. As usual I will keep updating you all on my progress on Instagram!

October, October, October

Hi guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.

I have once again had an up and down time doing Slimming World. Last week I had a gain of 1lb, which I know is not a lot but still has put me down. It is also star week so the gain could have been down to that or my week of up and down eating. I was a bit gutted on Wednesday because when tracking my food on MyFitnessPal, my average calorie count was just under 1400 calories per day. I know, I know I shouldn’t track my calories whilst doing slimming world, but I do it to ensure that I am not eating too much of the wrong things. I felt cheated in a way, I felt it was unfair which is silly; and as a result I have been eating more than ever. For example, on Friday whilst stuck in traffic I ate 3 Rocky Road Hifis on the trot. I felt so bad afterwards and knew straight away it wasn’t worth it. Anyway rant over, I have put this week behind me and am focused again, 8.5lbs till target!

Its a big weekend for my boyfriend Laurence and I. We have decided to live together this year whilst he completes his uni degree. Although we aren’t getting our own place and I’m moving into his house with his family aswell; we will save so much money for the future, and have even discussed going travelling around America next year.

I have decided to set some goals for October, but they will not all be focused on weightloss due to it being my birthday on the 15th.

1. Get my 3.5 stone award

2. Maintain my 3.5 stone award by making sensible food choices around my birthday meals and alcohol fuelled nights.

3. Sort out mine and Laurence’s room so we can be comfy and happy.

4. Save as much money as possible!

Anyway! Its Sunday night and I have school early in the morning. I have to shower and sort myself out ready for tomorrow. I hope you are all having a great week and good luck at all of your weigh ins xx

Goals Goals Goals…

This is my second blog post in one day… I wonder how long this will last!

Anyway I though I’d post the goals that I wish to achieve in the near future!

  1. Achieve my 3.5stone award by my birthday ( -3.5lbs by 15/10/2014)
  2. Lose 7lbs by November 1st
  3. Stick to Slimming World 95%
  4. Keep preparing my work breakfasts and lunches to ensure losses every week
  5. I would love to get to 1500 followers!

Regarding my first goal to reach 3.5stone award; I decided that I would reward myself with a nice new pair of running trainers when I reach that goal. I dont just mean any running trainers.. I mean custom made nikes! As they take 4 weeks to make and be delivered, I ordered them today and I cannot wait for them to come!


I better have reached my 3.5stone award by then, or I will have to wait to use them!!

This week I have been trying to increase my superfree intake to try and kickstart my weightloss again. This is to the extreme that I have been eating 4 easy peeler oranges a day somedays! Tonight I cooked a roast chicken dinner for the first time ever, and it went really well. I got really good comments from my Dad, Brother and Boyfriend. Here is the dinner I cooked and as you can see I have so much superfree piled on my plate, and I loved it. I even gave my boyfriend 2 of my potatoes so that I could manage all of the vegetables. I had one yorkshire pudding which is around 3 syns and about 2.5sys of gravy. Dinner was followed by my daily mini twister (2syns) was yummy as usual!


I just had a lovely relaxing bath before bed and am ready for another week of work, and I have a job interview tomorrow as an after school nanny which would increase my income a lot, allowing me to save some money this year and I need to get it! Wish me luck guys!

That’s all for now guys, and I hope you all have a lovely Monday and good luck to those with weigh-ins tomorrow!

Goodnight! x


Hello Everyone!

I have decided to create a blog for all of my instagram followers can keep upto date with my journey; the emotions, the progress and the barriers which occur to me in my everyday life.

Who I Am

  • My name is Louise and I live in Epsom, Surrey. I have lived her my whole life and cannot contemplate ever moving very far away from home.
  • I joined Slimming World on 15th January 2014 weighing 15stone exactly, and to date I have lost officially 3stone 3.5lbs. My goal weight is 11 stone, and I have 10.5lbs to go until I reach my target weight.
  • Since my mum was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2011; I have been committed to raising money for both Cancer Research and The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. As my mum was treated in The Royal Marsden in Sutton I am very passionate about this charity and I have taken part in The 14mile Marsden March  for the past 2 years since she died. I have also taken part in Race for Life for the past 4 years and I love the atmosphere on these days, and plan to take part in these for the rest of my life.
  • As many of you will know I have 2 dogs who I am constantly uploading pictures of them. I love them so much and all the dog walking I have done recently is really contributing to my weightloss.
  • I have a boyfriend, his name is Laurence. We have been friends since we were 18 and have been going out nearly 2 and a half years. I love him so much, and cannot wait to continue our life together in the future.

That is enough about me for one day, i’m sure most of you know these facts anyway.

I would love to hear about what everyone would like me to blog about. Without my followers on Instagram I would not have been able to have so much success in my dieting and my well-being.