Goals Goals Goals…

This is my second blog post in one day… I wonder how long this will last!

Anyway I though I’d post the goals that I wish to achieve in the near future!

  1. Achieve my 3.5stone award by my birthday ( -3.5lbs by 15/10/2014)
  2. Lose 7lbs by November 1st
  3. Stick to Slimming World 95%
  4. Keep preparing my work breakfasts and lunches to ensure losses every week
  5. I would love to get to 1500 followers!

Regarding my first goal to reach 3.5stone award; I decided that I would reward myself with a nice new pair of running trainers when I reach that goal. I dont just mean any running trainers.. I mean custom made nikes! As they take 4 weeks to make and be delivered, I ordered them today and I cannot wait for them to come!


I better have reached my 3.5stone award by then, or I will have to wait to use them!!

This week I have been trying to increase my superfree intake to try and kickstart my weightloss again. This is to the extreme that I have been eating 4 easy peeler oranges a day somedays! Tonight I cooked a roast chicken dinner for the first time ever, and it went really well. I got really good comments from my Dad, Brother and Boyfriend. Here is the dinner I cooked and as you can see I have so much superfree piled on my plate, and I loved it. I even gave my boyfriend 2 of my potatoes so that I could manage all of the vegetables. I had one yorkshire pudding which is around 3 syns and about 2.5sys of gravy. Dinner was followed by my daily mini twister (2syns) was yummy as usual!


I just had a lovely relaxing bath before bed and am ready for another week of work, and I have a job interview tomorrow as an after school nanny which would increase my income a lot, allowing me to save some money this year and I need to get it! Wish me luck guys!

That’s all for now guys, and I hope you all have a lovely Monday and good luck to those with weigh-ins tomorrow!

Goodnight! x


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