Hi all,

I haven’t been very good at keeping up with this blogging! October was a busy month with my birthday celebrations, half term and halloween nights out!

birthdaycake halloween

October wasn’t a good month for slimming world. It started off well with me losing 5lbs before my birthday on the 15th October; but since then I have struggled to get back into the swing of the plan. My meals have been on plan but I have had to get my snacking under control. On Wednesday my feelings changed, I won my group’s Miss Slinky 2014 and felt ashamed that I had won this award after having maintained and gained for the last 3 weeks. I knew that this was when I had to sort my eating out and stop throwing my money away (attending group but not losing any weight).

Since weigh in I have focused on trying to be proud of the progress that I have made since starting Slimming World on the 15th January 2014. It is coming upto the 11month mark, but had hoped when I joined that I would be at target by September. I have really struggled to shift this final 1/2 stone, and have tried to transform the negative feelings I had last week, to positive ones this week. I have done this by focusing on a few main things:

  1. I have been determined to cook some different meals (both lunches and dinners) which are slimming world friendly to try and get excited about cooking and eating slimming world food again. These were my favourite meals this week!stew teriyaki sou0p pasta
  2. I have decided to keep reminding myself on how far I have come in just 11 months. I have done this by looking at my before and after pictures, and by sticking all of my Slimming World awards up on my wardrobe. I have done this to keep reminding myself every morning when I get dressed why I am trying to lose weight.wardrobecomparison2
  3. I have been trying to make time to exercise more this week. Recently, exercise has taken a back seat in my life due to working 2 jobs and having to fend for myself as I moved out of my family home. This week I have been on walks and a much longer run than I have done before (8.4 miles!!)

So overall, November is looking to be a good month for me! The only blips I know of which could affect me are my Dad’s birthday celebrations! I have set myself a few goals!

  • Lose atleast 5lbs
  • Keep making sensible food choices
  • Do more exercise
  • Keep trying new recipes

Hopefully I can achieve these goals and get myself closer to target. As usual I will keep updating you all on my progress on Instagram!


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